The Need for Expansion


Selecting a New Facility

Raw materials coming into a small plant often require space for large vehicles to deliver, but shipping out finished products could be a smaller concern...


Examining the Process

Small manufacturing companies are generally built around the need to efficiently create their products, but swift expansion can cause issues. Examining the process in several...


Filling Unused Spaces

Small businesses are often on the cutting edge of their market, and it can be years before they will be ready to use all the...


A Look at Immediate Needs

Small companies that have carved out a solid niche in their market often find expansion is a must. Being able to keep enough supplies on...


An Unexpected Expansion

Sales and marketing departments are responsible for finding customers to purchase the products a company makes. Their job ties in nicely with production most of...

Starting up a small business is a path to success for many, but growing pains can be a major challenge. Success often creates difficulties with storage, manufacturing, and even offices could eventually require more people and area to continue being viable. The need for expansion is often a painful point for many companies, and the decisions involved can make or break a small business over the years due to costs or the need for yet more space.

It is not always easy to predict future markets, but they can play a large role in how much expansion a company should add into their planning. Budgeting for the new space rises to a whole new level when the realization the company may continue growing or shrink with the market is added into choosing a new location or adding on to existing structures. Acquiring too much space will take away from the bottom line, but adding more than needed for future growth can save money in the years ahead.